All Day English Course
Open: on 5 June and 3 July

ALL DAY ENGLISH is the course using English completely in all activities of students (study, eat, relax and play). This course lasts 8 sessions on Monday and Thursday every week. From 8:00 to 16:00.

The subjects include: English Fluency, Science, Phonics, Drama, Physical Exercise are undertaken by native teachers. The Vietnamese teachers who teach English in Brendon not only have experience and good pedagogic skills but also love children very much. They teach child English through songs, grammar and how to listen in Lab room.

To get more informations about other summer courses, please click on name of the following two-course:

  • English Sience Summer Camp

  • Summer Discovery

Tuition for the courses:

All Day English Course: 5.600.000 VND/course/8 sessions

Summer Discovery Course: the cost is receipt each month or may be counted according to number of weeks in attendance of student (in case children go on holiday with family or have other personal reasons)

Includes: Tuition, cost for 4 meals per day (breakfast, lunch and 2 snacks in the morning and the afternoon), cost for picnics.

The first week of the month specializes in Science: 1,800,000 VND

The next three - week : 1,500,000 VND / week

Pay for June (4 weeks): 6,000,000 VND, three weeks of July: 4,500,000 VND

Combining 2 courses (in whole month) (studying all week but students will take part in All Day English Course on Monday and Thursday): 9.200.000 VND/month


  • 15% of the cost of Science Summer Camp Course for the registrations before 30th April 2016.

  • 10% of the cost of the courses (applicable to 2 weeks or more for Summer Discovery courses) for the registrations before 14th May 2016

  • 10% and a backpack / bag for the 4 - weeks or older registration for the before 27th May 2016.

  • 10% and a bag / backpack for the 7-week registration for Summer Discovery Courses.

  • Present box pen for students participating in summer courses.

**** Each student may apply only one preferential form of tuition.

In case the student want resign in the mid of course: Parents should notice before two weeks at least and the school may considers to refund 80% of total tuition for the sessions that students want to resign.

Cost for School bus fee - Doorstep pickup:

1.500.000 VND/month (<8km) (2 ways)

2.000.000 VND/month (>8km) (2 ways)

In case of one time a day, the cost is counted 60% of the 2- time cost.

The registration for 1 week, the cost is 45% of cost for a month

                             2 weeks, the cost is 65% of cost for a month

                             3 weeks, the cost is 85% of cost for a month

Mode of payment:

  • Parents can make payment of tuition and other cost by cash/ transfers/POS (Bank Cards: ATM, Visa, Master,...) at the school before the course starts

  • Account: Công ty Cổ phần tư vấn đầu tư phát triển giáo dục B.R.E.N.D.O.N

  • TK: 4 115 125 222 1000; BIDV Thanh Xuan.branches

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