Nationality: Canada

Degree: Before graduating culture at Mount Royal University, she has a bachelor Laurie arts major at the Alberta College of Art, the city of Calgary, Canada. In preparation for living and working plans in Vietnam, Ms. Laurie learned and had Global TESOL (teaching English to foreigners) in Canada.

Experience: Teaching since the early days Brendon Founded in 2008, she was a didactic English teacher , and she gives all her best for the job. She has always been trust by the students and parents. During the restructuring of the model schools Brendon Bilingual School as nowaday, she went through many different positions as director for the program at the Cambridge Doan Thi Diem, Korea International School. In May 5/2012, Ms. Laurie back to Brendon and determination with the International Training Division of Brendon Bilingual School, building an effective English programs and engaging students.

In 2015-2016 academic year, the school with the International Training Division gave Our World textbooks from publishers Cengage into the official program at Brendon. It was promised that will be a curriculum with the knowledge and teaching methods of English learning the most advanced in the world today, will help students to change and improve the outstanding quality of learning English. Ms. Laurie is responsible for the program of international training department colleagues had received and construction based on lectures syllabus. We hope that her contribution will be made in the quality of learning of the new school year.



Nationality: American

Degree: BA in English and Literature - University of Cebu - Philippines. Master Specialized Special education - University of Cebu - Philippines, and certificates of Pedagogy English and Literature.

In addition, Ms.Ronelyn Sanchez has undergone training to serve the teaching, such as WISE Accent Training - development of phonetics (Western Innovative Speaking Enhancement), Innovative Techniques for Exciting Interactive Group Class Learning - Creative techniques for classroom interaction.

Work experience: Prior to Brendon, she Ronelyn had teaching experience in many parts of Philippines and China (teaching English to employees of the company Siemens, Bosch) and Vietnam: Centre English Ocean.

At Brendon, she teaches Science and through her lively lectures, students always love her and she is appreciated by colleagues because of her professional competence and pedagogical.




Nationality: British

Degree: Graduated from Catholic St. Gregory, county of Kent, England. Ms.Samatha also has certificates from the University of Cambridge CELTA and certificate in TESOL.

Work experience: She has a lot of working experiences and she has been teaching in many places around the world from the UK to many other African countries such as South Africa, Kenya, Nairobi. In Vietnam. She also taught at Just Kids preschool. In addition to the experience of teaching, she also has working experience with children as she served as district manager of a hockey team. So she really knows how to mingle with the younger students of Brendon.



Degree: Bachelor of Science in Applied Mathematics & Computing (Computing, Maths and Science) - University of Greenwich (UK).

Work experience: After graduating in the UK, Abena( Abby ) works in Vietnam. Up to now she has five years living and working in Vietnam as an English teacher at some school such as: Doan Thi Diem, Bill Gates, VIP International Primary, Nursery System and Primary Up Long Kidsmart center and many other foreign languages center.

She has worked at Brendon since July 2014, as a teacher of All Day English course in summer school. And she has contributed a big part to the success of this class. During the 2014 -2015 school year, her enthusiasm, humor and special teaching style helped her students created the "Abby brand." With the success has been achieved, the new school year 2015-2016 will be a successful new school year of her at the Brendon Primary School.



Degree: BA in English (2009) - University of Hanoi

MBA Media and Marketing (2014) - Graduate Programs Vietnam - Belgium (Solvay Brussels School of Economics and Management)

Certifications: TESOL International

Ms. Pham Thuc Trinh has many years working in many different prestigious units such as English editor at the Voice of Vietnam VOV, in charge of Marketing and Communication in Digital Television and VTC Vietnam most recently over 2 years teaching at the Bilingual Wellsping. She also participated in the program collaborate charity and teaching English to disadvantaged areas by non-governmental organizations funded.


She has extensive experience as well as enthusiasm in education. Hopefully in the second year in Brendon, she will join the English team building and improve the quality of the English department students.


Degree: BA in English (2012) and Bachelor of German language (2011) - University of Foreign Languages - Hanoi National University.

She is a very active teacher and innovative in teaching, updating the training methods of modern English in the world, especially the method of listening.

She also enthusiastically supported the foreign teachers for pupils in some exam like SAT International English, Cambridge ESOL.


Degree: Bachelor of English.

Ms.Thuy has been worked in Brendon for 2 years. Over time teaching at Brendon, she has shown great enthusiasm in work and in professional certainty. We hope that in the new academic year 2015-2016, she will continue to promote what has been achieved and the English team building and improve the quality of teaching and learning English at Brendon.


Degree: BA in English Language, Foreign Language University - Hanoi National University. Ms.Hang - a teacher of All Day English course in summer school. In new school year 2015 - 2016, we hope that her contribution will be made in the quality of learning.


Mrs.TranThi Hong Hanh

Degree: Bachelor of HCMC University of Pedagogy.

She has 5 years experience working in the international arena managers in Asia (HCM), 4th grade headteacher at Nguyen Sieu Primary School (Hanoi).

Mrs.Hanh is very enthusiastic with the students, always research, innovative teaching modern methods.In three consecutive years from 2012 to 2013 & 2013-2014, 2014-2015 she was awarded as a good teacher of ThanhXuan District, Hanoi. In addition, the experience of her initiatives are also recognized when she won the contest Encouraging Innovation Experience in primary education school year 2014-2015.