ICT (stands for Information and Communication Technologies) is taught officially for grades 1-5 with these basic contents:

Grade 1: Microsoft Windows Paint

Grade 1 students will be farmiliar with computer and peripheral devies such as mouse and keyboard. According to science research, painting enhances children’s creativity, intellection and skills. Different from traditional painting using crayon and paper, digital painting requires memorizingability, using softwares and other tools. For children above 6, Microsoft Paint is a suitable software for practicing computers as well as thinking skills.

Grade 2, 3: Microsoft word

With 2-3 graders: after reading and writing fluently, they can write texts by themselves on the computer using Microsoft Word instead of papers and pens.

Grade 4, 5: Microsoft Powerpoint

In developed  countries, children of 9-10 years old can make a sufficient presentation including powerpoint file and the speech.  The ICT program for 4-5 graders in Brendon  also aims to achieve these targets. Being able to use powerpoint is a further step compared to writing texts when kids can express their ideas through interesting images, short sentences. Moreover, the tools in Powerpoint are diversed that can spark kids’ interest.