Huna Robot Club
Huna is a compulsory education program for children throughout Korea. Huna is applied to teach at more than 1800 schools in Korea and in many Asia countries and achieves strict quality standards of Korea and Europe. It was researched and developed by the "Korean Robot Production Academy" and also be invested to develop education through assembling Robot for children by the Korean Government.

Learning with robot has many advantages for children. Assembling robot is not only activity by hands but also studying physics and developing cognition through practical activities such as designing, constructing or making basic programming for robots. Children can learn not a lot of knowledge but also the discipline in many fields such as science, technology and mathematics.

In the course of assembling and playing with robots, children also perceive great foundation of skills in their life as the ability to research and solve problems, communication skills and the ability to reason, analyze, manage and present

Assembling robot is the greatest way for children to getting use to creating sciencetific and mathematical products. It is also the most interesting way to teach children about technology.

Classes last 1 hour and 15 minutes per session in the afternoon of every Thursday

Tuition: 1,600,000 VND / course (16 session) (be applicable to both basic class and advanced class)..