Music Club
Music is considered to be an international language. Everyone can enjoys and understands music, whether who you are, where you are and what your job is.

Music is also an integral part of the children’s development. Playing a musical instrument helps enrich their life and soul.

Learning to play piano will develop the hand – eye coordination of child better. The lessons also help improve other skills such as their dexterity and flexibility.

Morever, the concentration of child is improved through playing music. When children are playing, it is really necessary to focus on music. Especially, the children need to concentrate more when playing by both hands, because the child's brain needs to think about activity for respective hand. On the other hand, they also have to focus on notes in the tracks and show them into rhythm and intensity of the notes.

Learning Piano helps children be confident and esteem themselves more. The challenge in learning piano can raise child's confidence and encourage them trying to achieve other things in their life.

Piano is good for children because it creates interest and enjoyment in music composition. It is expressed very clearly that they can learn how to enjoy music when they are quite young. The influence of music in the childhood will lead child to enjoy music through various musical genres during their life.

Many studies approved that learning to play the piano helped child understand different concepts of science and mathematics. But the most important thing children have from learning to play musical instruments is the relaxation in mind after the school.

Piano Club: 45 minutes/ session/ week. Schedule is arranged depend on teachers

  • Tuition:

Grade (1 students):1,300,000 VND / month.

Grade (2 students): 900,000 VND / month.

Grade (3-5 students): 750,000 VND / month.

By-products: textbooks, CDs, contacts note, clip file = 250,000 (present uniforms)

Exam fee (required): 400.000 VND/period. There are two periods in April and

December each year.